The people who walked in darkness
    have seen a great light;
those who lived in a land of deep darkness—
    on them light has shined.

– Isaiah 9: 2

Walking in darkness —
being in a time of sadness or loss,
great ignorance,
hardness of heart,
oppression, desolation.

Seeing a great light –
relief from sadness,
fresh enlightenment,
an opening up of the heart,
the coming of justice and joy.

It is possible to exist in a state of darkness
and not even know it
until the light has shined.
especially in matters of ignorance,
you don’t even know
what you don’t know
until you know it.
Then your mind is enlightened
and you have clearer vision.
You have been given something you need
even though you didn’t know you needed it.
This is grace.

Maya Angelou said,
“Do the best you can until you know better.
Then when you know better,
do better.”
It’s not helpful to muddle around in regret
of what we didn’t know at the time.
When we know better,
we can do better.

Thanks be to God.


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