Hurling Jesus

He did not pass through the midst of us and go on his way. No. We succeeded this time. We hurled him off the cliff. He makes us mad. He is so unreasonable. He is getting up in our business – he is getting up in our bedrooms – and here we draw the line. … More Hurling Jesus

Not Mine

I thought it was mine. I really did. I was raised to believe it was mine. And as a female, I got extra props along the way for living like it was mine. Because I was overcoming the barrier of being female and making it mine nonetheless. Being female was my barrier to overcome, and … More Not Mine

The Labyrinth

I am the labyrinth. Keep moving. I don’t know where I am going, God. It looks like one way but ends up being another, and I turn sharply when I least expect it, and sometimes it looks like I’m going to collide with someone else – how can this be right? I am the path. … More The Labyrinth