The people who walked in darkness     have seen a great light; those who lived in a land of deep darkness—     on them light has shined. – Isaiah 9: 2 Walking in darkness — being in a time of sadness or loss, great ignorance, hardness of heart, oppression, desolation. Seeing a great light – relief from … More Better


I waited patiently for the Lord;     he inclined to me and heard my cry. – Psalm 40:1 Isn’t music magical? All I have to read is I waited patiently for the Lord and BAM, time travel. I’m back in high school, U2 is singing their iconic song on the radio, and I am encountering new and … More “40”


I process slowly (made that way, have tried, can’t change it) but I draw in ink because there is no time for erasing. There is time for laboring, but no time for belaboring. If my personality ran the show– mercy, I’d be there forever, tweaking, examining, redoing. Nobody has time for that. The next thing, … More Ink

One of Us

“Moments like this provoke substantial angst in the hearts of those people in congregations like mine who have enjoyed the music of folks like Grant and Gill, who have counted them as ‘one of us,’ and now have to figure out what to make of this.”  – Bart Barber, quoted in Tyler Huckabee’s article posted … More One of Us

Breaking Forth

For waters shall break forth in the wilderness     and streams in the desert … – Isaiah 35: 6 In birth, when the water breaks, this thing is happening. It was a hypothetical, it was a possibility, it might be today – but once the water has broken and the protective barrier around the unborn baby … More Breaking Forth

Teacher Earth

They will not hurt or destroy     on all my holy mountain, for the earth will be full of the knowledge of the Lord     as the waters cover the sea. – Isaiah 11: 9 But, waters don’t cover the sea. The salty water is the sea. So is the earth the knowledge of the Lord, in a … More Teacher Earth

Mystics At Parties

They do show up, because they love people, but they love God in a way that makes a quiet sound in their heads, like a pretty bubbling stream flowing along, and they enjoy parties but they always hear the stream, and if they stay too long, they lose the sound and start mentally searching for … More Mystics At Parties

The River

There is a river that is God running through my soul. It is where I live and move and have my being. The pulse and flow of my life are found within that river. The dancing light of my joy, the solemn depths of my sorrow, my cherished memories, like varied stones – all are … More The River


Whose voice is this coming to me in the night after a day splattered with words, shredded edges poured to overflowing, lying in wait to cause pain, trip up, derail? Emerging from sleep into my breathing, unmoving body, the memory of the shattering words piled around, waiting . . . who is this voice, speaking … More Self-Love