How Can I Speak?

How can I speak for someone I don’t know? Someone whose life I have not led, whose history I do not hold, whose shoes I do not walk in? How can I speak for hurting people whose pain is their own, whose loss is a turning knife, giving them no rest, no peace, no space … More How Can I Speak?

Beyond to God

Comparisons are being made in the media. Recent actions taken by an individual are being compared to actions taken by great civil rights leaders of the past. Oh how we want heroes. Oh how we scan the landscape for greatness. Oh how limited is our vision. We are called to look beyond everything to God. … More Beyond to God


So many layers of judgement and preconceived notions and bias lay between individual souls, it’s a wonder we can connect at all.  But we can.  By God’s mercy and grace, we can. As the governing bodies of the United Methodist Church take on the issues of the day, and as my brave church does the … More New