I just moved a snail from one place to another. It was entangled in yard debris, lying right in the path of danger, and I moved it. “You’re going to get stepped on,” I said, as I walked it from the confusion of the aggregate patio to the relative calm of the deck. This is … More Salvation


God, why do you wake me at 1:42 in the morning after a day of difficult and strong emotions? On regular days, you let me sleep. But on struggling days, you wake me at 1:42 in the morning. Why? What is it you think I am going to do? You know I’m too tired to … More 1:42am

Gifts and Graces

“I realized that maybe who I am — if I possess the gifts and graces for the episcopacy — maybe who I am could be a gift to the church at this moment.” — Bishop Karen Oliveto, Religion News Service, July 19, 2016 Gifts and graces. Just that. Gifts and graces. God among us, God … More Gifts and Graces