Lindy Thompson is a poet and lyricist whose work seeks to shine fresh light on the sacred truth that all people are beloved children of God.  Her poetry has been published by Alive Now, Reconciling Ministries Network, and the General Commission on Religion and Race.  She has written lyrics for composer Mark Miller for many choral anthems and congregational songs including “I Choose Love” and “Teach Me to Fly,” both published by Choristers Guild.  She lives in Franklin, TN with her husband and three children where they are all very active members of Christ UMC.  She blogs her poetry at lindythompson.net and posts information and updates on facebook.com/lindythompsonwrites .

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23 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Lindy, I’m wondering if you can contact me? I would like permission to print your “I Go to Sing” poem in the United Church of Canada’s Gathering Magazine. Thanks!

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  2. Hi Lindy,
    I, too would like to reprint this poem in our church newsletter next month. Can I get permission?
    Beth Norton
    Director of Music Ministry
    First Parish in Concord, MA

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  3. Hi Lindy,
    This is such a beautiful and perfect description. I would like permission as well to print this in our church bulletin. Can you please contact me?


  4. I am also wondering if it would be possible to print this in my church newsletter… could you please contact me?


  5. May I have permission to print “I go to sing” in my church bulletin? It exactly fits a series about church singing I have been writing.

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  6. I read your comments in “These Days” tonight. Amongst the best I’ve read in 30 + years. Why weren’t you listed in the “About the authors” at the front of the magazine? I will look for more of your writings.


  7. A poem attributed to you popped up on my FB. It may have the title MUSIC! and starts “I might be exhausted ….”. It really spoke to my heart, especially in this time of zoom-church. I would love to share it in our church newsletter. Please contact me. Thank you.

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  8. Hi Lindy, I would also like your permission to include your poem “I go to sing” my my church’s newsletter.


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