Take a metal can. Fill it half full with gravel. Put a lid on it. Bring it up to your ear. Shake, vigorously. The noise will be incredible. The noise will be all-consuming. The noise will be a whole-body experience. You will feel it from the top of your head to the soles of your … More Noise


I’m sorry, but you have to be awake for this. No sleeping. No sedation. No looking out the window thinking about the grocery list. Birth, death, rebirth – happening right now, in front of you, and you have to be awake for this. Which one are you? Are you birthing something? Is something new passing … More Awake

Turning Time

  Birds sing in the turning time, as dark gives way to light. They don’t need convincing. They don’t need inviting. They don’t need listeners. They know that their singing is part of why the light comes at all.


For decades, I have cared what people thought. Really cared. Wanted to be liked. Wanted to be included. Wanted to be wanted. Very much so. A common human desire, I know, but not a helpful driving force in life, nonetheless. I pursued the elusive concept of cool to my own detriment, avoiding activities along the … More Filled