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I’m sorry, but you have to be awake for this.
No sleeping.
No sedation.
No looking out the window thinking about the grocery list.

Birth, death, rebirth –
happening right now,
in front of you,
and you have to be awake for this.

Which one are you?
Are you birthing something?
Is something new passing through you,
coming into being
through your sweat, blood and tears?

Is part of you dying?
Do you feel it draining away,
are you momentarily paralyzed and fascinated
by the emptying,
by how right it feels until suddenly the pain hits you
and you do not think you can do this?

Are you being reborn?
Are you being pulled up through the flame,
all dross consumed,
bright, shining, reflecting glory everywhere?
Is the memory of the agony
already replaced in full
by the awe and stunningness
of being alive, being here,
drawing in the Spirit with each breath
until you become part of it?

No apologies;
this is your life.
But here is the blessing:
you get to be awake for it.

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