Easter, Finally

Up before dawn, I stepped outside. Dark sky, bright stars. A bird singing. A bird singing? Yes, it’s true.  The appearance of night, yet a bird was singing with all its tiny strength, ecstatic, jubilant, as if the sun had already risen. World, do what you will. You cannot silence this. You can try, but … More Easter, Finally

The Darkest Day

This is the darkest day. This is the day of complete despair, utter desolation, total hopelessness. This is Holy Saturday. Did birds sing on this day? Did babies smile and grab their feet? Was there any part of creation that did not know all was lost? Did the disciples hold each other and cry, or … More The Darkest Day

Good Friday

I do not want to need the cross, but I do. I do not want to say, go ahead, die for me, I need it — but I have to. I do need it. I want to be able to step into the scene, in between Jesus and his accusers, and say, Stop! This has … More Good Friday

One-Twelfth Judas

I am a disciple of Jesus Christ. I try to be, anyway. I try to follow him closely and pay attention, like the twelve disciples. But, like the twelve disciples, I am one-twelfth Judas. Most days are good. I mean, I might mess up, be impulsive like Peter, doubting like Thomas, fearful like all of … More One-Twelfth Judas

Old Enough

When my oldest son was about five, I tried to read the crucifixion story to him from his cartoon-illustrated Children’s Bible. We made it part of the way through, then he stopped me, saying, “Mommy, I don’t think I’m old enough for this.” I get it, completely. I don’t think I’m old enough for this, … More Old Enough


Drops of water rolled down my cheek. It felt exactly like crying, but with no agony of soul, no taste of salt. I was walking in the rain. I have cried enough in my life to know just what that feels like, tears rolling down my cheeks. The feeling was exactly the same, only they … More Rain