Easter, Finally

Up before dawn, I stepped outside.
Dark sky, bright stars.
A bird singing.

A bird singing?
Yes, it’s true.  The appearance of night,
yet a bird was singing with all its tiny strength,
ecstatic, jubilant,
as if the sun had already risen.

World, do what you will.
You cannot silence this.
You can try, but the very rocks will cry out.
Birds will sing in the dark of night.
God cannot be stopped.
Christ is risen, grace is abundant.

Trying to run from God’s love is like trying to run from gravity.
It can’t be done.
Best to give in and let it cradle you.
Your spirit is held safe within this realm.

There are flowers this morning on the old wooden cross,
and Jesus is behind us, backing out the door of the church,
smiling, beckoning us, saying,
This way,
come join me out here,
I love you,
Follow Me.


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