What would happen if I stayed in the present moment? What would happen if I didn’t allow my mind to play out scenarios? What would happen if I turned off the inner show completely, watched nothing, and just lived, moment by moment, from the heart . . . from the depths of the heart, where … More Films

Jesus, Unexpected

Jesus was sitting on the chancel steps, off to one side, near the organ.  He was just sitting.  I noticed he was barefoot.  I went over and sat near him.  Not on the same step because, it’s Jesus, you don’t sit on the same level as him, you sit below.  So I sat one step … More Jesus, Unexpected

all together

it’s a party please come yes you as you are right now don’t dress up you are fine in your everydayness as am I please show up we’re going to make a big circle and leap up all together to see if we can reach the sky it will be amazing do come take my hand … More all together


We dream about these children. We long for them. When we are six years old we decide how many of them we’d like to have, and that number sticks in the mind. Ask anyone, they can tell you, how many children they always hoped for. When our children come to us, by birth or adoption, … More Confirmation