So many layers of judgement and preconceived notions and bias lay between individual souls, it’s a wonder we can connect at all.  But we can.  By God’s mercy and grace, we can.

As the governing bodies of the United Methodist Church take on the issues of the day, and as my brave church does the same, may we be blessed and upheld by the God of new beginnings and second chances.



I will not tell you who you are any more.
You may tell me, and I will believe you.

I will not think I know.
I will not think I’ve been told,
or given a glimpse of the future.

I will expect nothing, carry nothing.
Whatever I receive in my encounter with you,
it will be a surprise,
it will be unanticipated,
it will be sheer gift.

God’s mercies will be new every morning,
and when I meet you,
it will be on fresh ground,
and maybe I will tell you my name,
and maybe you will tell me yours.

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