Beyond to God


Comparisons are being made in the media.
Recent actions taken by an individual
are being compared to actions taken by
great civil rights leaders of the past.

Oh how we want heroes.
Oh how we scan the landscape for greatness.
Oh how limited is our vision.

We are called to look beyond everything to God.
But if our God is made in our image,
why look at all?

So much going on in the world.
So many images in the media.
Such crying need, everywhere.

We cannot stop at our own opinions.
We are not given that luxury.
Jesus did not come to make us comfortable.
Crucifixion was never intended to lead to complacency.

We are called to look beyond.
Beyond how we feel.
Beyond what we think.
Beyond what we want.

We are called to stretch harder,
push the boundaries,
hold uncomfortable positions,
strain ourselves with effort

until the horizon suddenly widens,
breaking out all around us,
space to move and breath and think —

and at the far edge, where the earth meets the sky,

a plain man walking,
shepherd staff in hand,
accompanied by a rag-tag group of ecstatic, adoring, questioning followers,

among whom can be found
the humble, beautiful, sacred faces
of everyone.

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