I just moved a snail from one place to another. It was entangled in yard debris, lying right in the path of danger, and I moved it. “You’re going to get stepped on,” I said, as I walked it from the confusion of the aggregate patio to the relative calm of the deck. This is … More Salvation


God, why do you wake me at 1:42 in the morning after a day of difficult and strong emotions? On regular days, you let me sleep. But on struggling days, you wake me at 1:42 in the morning. Why? What is it you think I am going to do? You know I’m too tired to … More 1:42am

Gifts and Graces

“I realized that maybe who I am — if I possess the gifts and graces for the episcopacy — maybe who I am could be a gift to the church at this moment.” — Bishop Karen Oliveto, Religion News Service, July 19, 2016 Gifts and graces. Just that. Gifts and graces. God among us, God … More Gifts and Graces


first a great wind after the wind, an earthquake after the earthquake, a fire after the fire sheer silence I have been told God is in the silence. Trouble is, I am in the silence, too, and I am not silent. Thoughts dart at my head like when you get too close to a mockingbird’s … More Silence


Take a metal can. Fill it half full with gravel. Put a lid on it. Bring it up to your ear. Shake, vigorously. The noise will be incredible. The noise will be all-consuming. The noise will be a whole-body experience. You will feel it from the top of your head to the soles of your … More Noise


I’m sorry, but you have to be awake for this. No sleeping. No sedation. No looking out the window thinking about the grocery list. Birth, death, rebirth – happening right now, in front of you, and you have to be awake for this. Which one are you? Are you birthing something? Is something new passing … More Awake

Turning Time

  Birds sing in the turning time, as dark gives way to light. They don’t need convincing. They don’t need inviting. They don’t need listeners. They know that their singing is part of why the light comes at all.