There’s nothing like it.
For me,
for you,
for everybody.

I have seen this first hand in children.
An unhappy child,
needing to confess something,
dragging their feet,
complaining of a stomachache.
When it all finally comes out,
amid tears and dramatic flopping on the bed,
all is eventually resolved,
hugged out,
and there goes that child,
racing out the back door,
free as a bird under God’s great sky.

We are just the same,
my friends.
We need confession
in order to be free.
before God,
in private,
in quiet,
we need to confess.

Just as in that running child,
confession frees up space inside us
for the movement of the Holy Spirit.
We become an instrument
that God can use
for God’s good work in the world.

And isn’t that the whole point?

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