We Shall Be Like A Tree

God is trustworthy.

When we place our trust in God alone
(and when we fail to do so —
which we will —
commit again and again to trusting God),
we will be like a flourishing tree.

We will receive our nutrients in various ways –
through roots
never ceasing to stretch towards essential water,
through leaves
opening up fully to sun and rain.
We will grow and grow and grow.

We will have good years
and less-good years for this maturation,
and we will have signs of obvious injury
along with numerous places of healing.
We will be varied in appearance,
and, one and all,
we will be beautiful.

In our blessedness,
we will bless others –
with shelter from the burning sun,
with a place to live and rest,
with much-needed food.

We shall not fear when heat comes,
and in times of drought we will not be anxious.
We will trust in God,
and we will bear fruit.

Thanks be to God.


Scripture reference – Jeremiah 17: 7-8


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