Even the Weeping

“Those who go out weeping, bearing the seed for sowing . . .”
     – Psalm 126: 6

Even the weeping bear seed.
Even the weeping.
they nonetheless
bear seed.

O God,
bless the seed.
Bless the weeping.
Bring forth the world
you so steadfastly envision.

Move your spirit through us
to do the needed work,
the needed self-reflection,
the needed, necessary relinquishing.

Give us strength to persevere,
rest to regenerate,
and deep, deep wells of compassion
to care for whomever,
in this moment,
may be
the weeping.


4 thoughts on “Even the Weeping

  1. I’ve always thought I hated poetry. But your stuff is pretty amazing. We found you through your recent contributions to the “These Days” daily devotionals. This morning we read “The Promise of Transformation,” and I decided I needed to look at some more of your writings. I’m truly touched by your putting into words some of the very feelings I have had. I’m left sad but very grateful to know there are people with your talent and insight. But, I don’t think I can read too many of these in one sitting. I’m afraid they will suck the oxygen out of my lungs.

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  2. We can’t have that!! 🙂
    Thank you very much for your comment. I just looked through my blog to see what I could find that was lighter. You could try “Surprise Lizard,” “A Modern-Day Adam and Eve Story,” “I Go To Sing,” and “Holy Crap: Life be not easy.” But you are right — most of my poetic and lyrical work is putting what I find to be true into words, and most of it doesn’t make light reading. Then again, reading something that is difficult but which resonates in your bones and lets you know on a deep level that you are not alone — that brings with it a certain lightness in and of itself.
    Thank you again for your thoughtful comment and I hope you will subscribe to my blog!


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