Have you ever yell-prayed?
I have.
Hoo boy, I have.

It’s a despairing spot to be in,
but later,
when it’s over and you’ve made up
and you’re in harmony with God once again,
it can be a deeply satisfying thing.

It gives you a history with God.
It gives you the confidence to say,
you and me, God,
we can go there,
we can deal with that stuff,
you can hear me out without leaving,
I can go to bed angry . . .

yet I can wake up still beloved,
still yours,
with a fresh supply of freely-given new mercies

and another chance to come to myself,
and return to you.

2 thoughts on “Yell-Praying

  1. Lindy, I will likely, with your permission, use this as a devotional lead-in for our youth choir next fall. Our tour theme will be “Living in the Sacred Center.” My late friend and mentor, Thad McDonald loved to remind me that “Every thought is a prayer, because God hears it. And every deed is an act of worship, because God sees it.” In living with God as our center, God knows our anger as well as our love. And God loves me anyway… Thank you once again for your deep passion for expressing the inexpressible.


  2. Been there. Done that. Glad to know I’m not alone and that it is okay. In fact, there can be something cleansing and healthy about a good old fashioned ‘knock down, drag out’ with God.


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