Rainbow Weather

(Photo by Sally Holt)

It’s rainbow weather here at church.
So many tears.
Genuine grieving.
Wet cheeks.
Mascara problems.
Deep sighs.
It’s sad.
And it hurts.

But it’s rainbow weather.
There is rain, yes,
but the sun is shining, too.

The children in the ministry moment.
The choir.
The stunning new worship backdrop.
The familiar, comforting hymns.
The communally spoken prayers.
The bright outdoors just beyond the windows.
The steadfast cross of wood.
The love.
The love.
Can you feel the love?
The pastors loving each other,
the pastors loving us,
the love within the congregation –
it is everywhere,
passing from person to person,
heart to heart,
to the chancel and up to the cross and out over the altar and all around the sanctuary –
the love of God,
the Holy Spirit on the move,
like light bouncing from surface to surface until everything is dazzling . . .

There is still rain.
My heart hurts.
I am really sad.

But it’s rainbow weather –
rain and sun at the same time.

Be on the lookout.
God does not break promises.
Let the tears come.
It’s okay.
All will be well.
We will be family for each other,
hold each other up,
comfort each other,
help each other keep watch,

for in God’s timing
we are all,
each of us,
a rainbow.




2 thoughts on “Rainbow Weather

  1. This describes so well what I felt on this bittersweet Sunday. Thank you, Lindy and Sally for the beautiful photo.💕


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