Breaking Forth

For waters shall break forth in the wilderness
    and streams in the desert …
– Isaiah 35: 6

In birth,
when the water breaks,
this thing is happening.

It was a hypothetical,
it was a possibility,
it might be today –
but once the water has broken
and the protective barrier around the unborn baby is no longer whole,
the situation is on the move.
Today is the day.
This is happening.

If there will be waters breaking forth in the wilderness,
there will be birth,
and there will be something completely new coming into being
that wasn’t there before.
Something no eye has seen
and no ear has heard.

The wilderness is a place we all end up in,
one way or another,
on and off throughout our lives.
Mary, far from home
and away from the comforting presence of the women in her life,
was certainly in a wilderness situation in a cave in Bethlehem.
Nonetheless, there the waters broke
and there something never before thought of came into existence,
and the sky lit up with angels over it.

We hear the story every year
and it never gets old
because God came into our world out of love for us
and what could be more amazing,
more beautiful,
more miraculous than that?
We are so thankful,
we are so grateful.

Keep walking towards that manger.
Something astounding is on the way.

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