Mystics At Parties

They do show up,
because they love people,
but they love God in a way
that makes a quiet sound in their heads,
like a pretty bubbling stream flowing along,
and they enjoy parties but they always hear the stream,
and if they stay too long,
they lose the sound and start mentally searching for it,
so at some point they might as well not be there at all
because they are only half paying attention
to the long story about the vacation, the job,
and the annoying neighbor
who puts a JOY sign in front of their house each Christmas
but yells at any child who comes into the yard
to see the blinking lights
up close.

At some point,
the dichotomous world we live in
starts to wear on their spirits,
and when they can no longer make
the inner and outer world converge pleasantly,
they need to get their coats.
Otherwise they will start walking into metaphysical walls,
like a person with poor vision who has put on the wrong glasses,
and part of themselves will likely shut down and take a nap
to avoid being hurt or bruised.

To avoid this scenario, timing is everything.
Showing up is vital,
with inner stream in tow,
but when the sound can’t be heard anymore,
it’s the signal to go home.
The host will understand.
Even the car ride back can be sweet communion
when the spirit is overworn.

One thought on “Mystics At Parties

  1. Nice. I’m smiling, because (although I’m an extrovert and this reminds me more of my spouse), I do consider myself a “judeo-christian- MYSTIC-pluralist” if / when anyone asks. Thank you, Lindy, for sharing yet another lovely “lyric”.


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