The River

There is a river
that is God,
running right through
my heart, soul, and body.
It is where I live
and have my being.

The pulse and flow of my life
beat within that river.
The dancing light of my joy,
the solemn depths of my sorrow,
the varied stones of my cherished memories
are held safe within that sacred water.

I was born from that river.
In that river I was baptized.
Through that river my sins are washed away.
From that river I drink of the Lord.
Within that river I pray.
To that river I will go when I die.

This holy water
runs through the hearts
of all of God’s children,
every unique person
whom God’s hands have made.

Through the grace of God, the river is discovered.
With patience and yielding,
there comes softly to the soul
the awareness of a Holy Presence,
greater than can be imagined,
suffused with love and tenderness,
quietly delighted with its beloved creation.

There is a river
that is God
within each of us,
flowing with living water,
giving life and freedom
to all who avail themselves
of its gifts.

Come to the water.
Step in boldly,
drink deeply.
The river of God’s love
flows eternally within us,
and we are forever made new
in its life-giving water.

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