God Not Male

God, some of us need you to be female.
We need your nurturing presence,
your mothering energy.

We know we are all made in your image –
male, female, all points on the gender spectrum.
We are all created by you,
we all reflect your glory,
and no human trait is limited to one category of person.
We know this to be true.

But God,
some of us, in this moment,
need you to be female.

More and more,
when we see you referenced as he
it is jolting, jarring, wrong.
A splinter, a crack, a rough place.

She is not perfect either.
But you have been male for so long–
we have prayed to Our Father for so long –
can you please be female for a while?

We need the feminine aspect of you.
We need your tenderness,
your comfort,
your touch,
your healing.

We need to see your beauty,
be awed by your creative energy,
feel your generative strength rise within our bodies.

We need to see new birth, God,
and we need to be born.
Only you can birth us safely
into the new and wondrous forms of your choosing.

Mother God,
be with us,
hold us close to your heart.

Pour your strength into us
as we walk our paths,
ever being born,
ever birthing,
in companionship with all the other loving ones
patiently waiting earthside
to welcome your peace.

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