Hurling Jesus

He did not pass through the midst of us
and go on his way.
We succeeded this time.
We hurled him off the cliff.

He makes us mad.
He is so unreasonable.
He is getting up in our business –
he is getting up in our bedrooms
and here we draw the line.
I love you Lord,
and I lift my voice —
but don’t be with me all the time.
Don’t be that close.
Surely there are places even you
won’t go.

There absolutely has to be an us
and a them.
We are running out of people, God!
And there has to be an out
so that we can know who is in.
Be reasonable!
There is no way you really meant all that love stuff.

We have hurled you off the cliff.
Now we will go about our business,
but we won’t forget you.
We will keep many of your precepts,
and we will pray for you to be in our midst.
We will search diligently for signs of you,
watch for your presence in the world . . .

all the while, you will be at the bottom of the cliff,
helping build tents of many colors
for the beloved ones who were hurled there
long ago.

2 thoughts on “Hurling Jesus

  1. Powerful! You gave us a vivid image and strong words, that echo in our heads. After all we have certainly heard them, but in fact we might have thought them or said them ourselves. It must be Lent if the preacher gets that close….

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