Holy Crap: Life be not easy

Props to John Donne. Sorry about this.

Life be not easy, though some on Facebook
Make it look simple, but that is not so.
For those who can’t both live and share their life
Post not, poor souls, and one of them is me.
On phone and hard drive, where all my pictures be,
Much confusion, and from me more pics do flow,
And sometimes my best ones in texting go
Straight to Grandma, a quick delivery.
Life is slave to fate, chance, germs and desperate shoppers,
And dost with schedules, appointments, and late fees dwell
And evenings with Netflix because oh what the hell –
This really is my life, why stress out then?
No Facebook posts, but please do feel free
To call me on the phone; or, just drop by.

2 thoughts on “Holy Crap: Life be not easy

  1. Love it! So, is this your official announcement that you are leaving facebook? If so, I REALLY need you to make certain you share your blogs and your work with me via email. I may be retiring, but my spirit still needs a bit of your wisdom on a regular basis.

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