We wake this morning to a brand-new world.

In the depths of the night,
amid toil and travail,
blood, sweat and tears,
Christ has been born.

The biggest move God ever made.
Setting aside glory and magnitude and certainty,
voluntarily becoming less and less
until starting afresh with us,
taking in that first cold breath of air
as a naked, flailing infant.

Aside from Resurrection, it does not get any more remarkable than that.

The intensity of God’s love for us
cannot be put into words.
But snatches of it can be felt through creation –
the love of people,
the beauty of nature
the amazing wonder of being,
at all.

Life is beautiful.
Life hurts.
God has experienced both the beauty and the pain
as one of us.

As we live out this day and all the days to come,
God is with us,
closer to us than our own breath,
imparting comfort and strength,
giving us heart,
promising that love will, in fact, win.

Be not afraid.
Unto us is born this day, in the city of David,
a savior.

Alleluia, Amen!

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