Prayer Song for Orlando

Prayer Song for Orlando
(“O Sacred Head, Now Wounded”)

1. We gather now in prayer for
souls we have never met.
As members of one family,
we pledge not to forget.
There is no comprehending
this sudden violent loss.
The opening of our eyes comes
at such a tragic cost.

2. From out of desolation
and dreams now torn apart,
we cry out in our anguish
to God’s all-loving heart.
We pray for strength to speak out
against beliefs that harm,
and willingness to lay down
our self-destructive arms.

3. May we be given vision,
by God’s unfailing grace,
to see God’s holy image
in every human face.
As we pray without ceasing
for love and peace on earth,
may we see all God’s children
as souls of sacred worth.


Tune:  Hans L. Hassler, 1601; harm. by J. S. Bach, 1729, alt. (“O Sacred Head, Now Wounded”)
Text: copyright© 2016 by Lindy Thompson
Free use with author acknowledgement.


3 thoughts on “Prayer Song for Orlando

  1. This is beautiful! I love that you picked the tune to go with it, because it is hard for me to read song texts without having a clue about the music.



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