I Am Joseph


I am Joseph, I keep watch
and guard this rugged cave,
soon to see the mystery
the Holy Spirit gave.

Through dark hours, I stay strong
and hold my trembling wife,
far away from home while
giving birth to a new life.

Now in quiet, I stand close
and gaze in reverent awe,
viewing with astonished eyes
the child the angels saw.

Sharing wonder, I step out
and welcome to this place
shepherds who now look upon
the holy infant’s face.

Humbly grateful, I stand guard
as my new family sleeps,
breathing prayers and watching stars
shine in the nighttime deeps.

Ever listening, I hear God,
amid tumultuous dreams,
guide me to a country safe
from evils yet unseen.

Building, fixing, I provide
a living and a home
for the young expected one
whom I raise as my own.

I am Joseph, I serve God
through all my living days,
answering the call of God
and following God’s ways.

May we live like Joseph did,
in courage and in trust
listening for your voice, O God,
to speak your will to us.

Strengthen us to keep the faith
and, in this world of need,
to rise up and follow you
wherever you may lead.


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